Tessa Book Cover

Chapter 1 Excerpt:

Saturday morning the sun crept its way through the blinds and found Tessa’s blood covered face. She began to stir as the light illuminated her eyelids giving her a red light show as the beams bounced off the blood in her eyelids. “Aaahh!” she winced as she reached to shield her eyes with her right hand. The bruising on her arm matched the torn purple t-shirt she had worn last night in color and distress. Her face was equally bruised ranging from crimson red to a dark blue. Bzzzz! Bzzzz! Bzzzz! Her phone vibrated on her nightstand. She turned her body attempting to silence it but was met with a sharp pain on the left side of her torso. Her body was of no use to her this morning, something she hadn’t seen coming the night before. Even more so she hadn’t expected it to come at the hands of her boyfriend He’brewq (Hay-Brook). Tessa had never thought of herself as the type of person to indulge in an abusive relationship and still did not. The right and logical thing to do would be to call the police. However after her run in with He’brewq and his best friend Prez, she was not too eager to stir the pot and get authorities or her family involved. She of course, like some women she thought, found stimulation in the occasional rough housing and rough sex. However this moved beyond turning her on, it scared the hell out of her. So did this morning after when her movements were limited and all she could remember from the night before was He’brewq’s massive hand around her throat. Standing 6’5” weighing roughly 265, in times of passion he would lift Tessa’s nice sized frame as if it was nothing. Only 5’9” she had him by 30 pounds, but it didn’t matter. {Read More…}

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BBW Exclusive Excerpt:

Using the wall to square up, she began swinging and was connecting most if not all of her punches. With the way the two were moving around you could have sworn her bathroom was twelve feet by twelve instead of eight feet by four. Growing tired of her resistance He’brewq’s hands found their way around her neck and squeezed until her arms and legs went limp. {Read More…}

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