There were a few things that Serenity knew about her mother, and one was that Carolyn Caroline Morris got what she wanted out of life…never intentionally, it just happened that way. Sprouting from a long line of spoiled women who got their way; it was no surprise that her mother managed to get the information. It was in her blood obviously given the fact that her grandmother was allowed to give her mom the same first and middle name just because she liked how they both were spelled. Serenity, she thought, wasn’t so lucky to take after the family bloodline for women. Whenever she’d thought she would get what she wanted…it would be something far worse. After her walk for some ice cream turned into her being missing for a night, she stopped expecting and just started being for the sake of herself. It was that choice that led her to where she was now, in an off-brand town being removed from her friends and family. {Read More…}

Coming SOON!!!

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