Being me. Awesome.
Being me. Awesome.

I go by many names, most of which are not my government name. I find there is power and privilege in knowing someone’s name and mine is a proud possession that I refuse to just let anyone have unless they have earned it. For the sake of this blog and it’s purposes you can call me Kairo De Luca. I am a 28 year old Memphis native with a big personality, bad attitude, sub-par fashion sense, on again off again love for writing and a mediocre love for make-up. I have one son that I am adopting, well have custody of via my mother via the state (long story) that I live and die for daily. I am a huge football fan and crazy about the Dallas Cowboys. I am new to the acceptance age, meaning I am just now coming to terms with all it entails on a personal, emotional, spiritual, financial and professional level. It is definitely a journey and I am learning as I go. I am learning to accept and appreciate the following:

  • I am a big girl, and that is wonderful!
  • I am black, absolutely the best thing about me.
  • I am American, something to be proud of.
  • I am cocky.
  • My natural hair is BEAUTIFUL
  • I don’t really like people.

Written down these things seem so simple to achieve, believe in and support. That would be so except the fact that I am fighting 28 years of built in hatred for each bullet point listed. I am unlearning what I’ve learned and teaching myself something new. I am not the most interesting person in the world, but I am me and I be damned if you find anyone better. I am not here for you to like me but I’m here so deal with it.


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