Black Lives Matter

*Virtual Rant*

When I hear people, especially one of my favorite rappers Kevin Gates, say things such as “I deserved to get my ass beat, I was acting like a n*gger. I was being belligerent. All lives matter;” it totally pisses me off. 1. If you do not have a weapon, I do not care how much you curse, scream, swing or kick, that does not make it okay for you to be gunned down. If you’re unable to be subdued, could not a shot in the leg or arm suffice? Tasers? Clubs? Okay anyway moving pastblm2 that, my issue is the the constant yelling of All Lives Matter in an effort to combat Black Lives Matter….look, yes all lives do matter. Black Lives Matter is being stated so that this fact is brought to the forefront with EVERYONE else. The media coverage of a black person’s life and a white person’s life is COMPLETELY different. The treatment of a white person by police is COMPLETELY different than that of a black person. I know, I know you’re probably saying it’s not black and white, but yea it actually is in the south. Black is just not black anymore, well never was. Black is and has always been, down here, not white.

When CNN references a black man who was killed in police custody as “the son of a heroin addict” so as to paint this image of someone everyone should give two shits about, BLACK LIVES MATTER is what is being screamed. This is to combat this overwhelming need of the world to justify the killing and degradation of the worth of black lives. My senior year, two girls went missing during their Senior trip in the year of 2005. One went to Miami and the other went to Aruba….guess which one was all over the news. I’ll give you a hint, she has blonde hair and blue eyes. May they both rest in peace. This piece is not to make lite of anyone’s life or plight but to give you an idea of why people are screaming black lives matter. STOP telling us we’re not worthy of believing in ourselves because our neighborhoods are drug infested, believe it or not we’re actually trying to fixblm3 that.

We’re too loud? That’s us, we’re a joyous people that to a fault like to include everyone. We’re fighters but we’re the most loving and caring people on the planet. We have always been a nurturing people who have carried nations in our bosom. Black Lives Matter is pleading with the world to care about our deaths just as much as everyone else. And if you don’t see color, please stop. Color is a crucial part to our roots. WE are just getting in an era where we are teaching and instilling in our kids the beauty of their skin and hair. See color and just love every shade of it, that would be totally better.

I know there’s no order to this piece, like I said it was a rant. So if you see the #BlackLivesMatter don’t get disgusted and irritated, just remember what we’re asking you. We hurt like you hurt, we deserve the same amount of love and respect as anyone else. Just like you shouldn’t tell a rape victim they were asking for it in regards to their actions or dress, don’t say it about black people being gunned down by the police when they are unarmed. For a long time, black people and women have been an easy target. Black Lives Matter is just trying to remove that target from our backs by getting the world to care about what happens to us just as we have always cared for the world. Somebody loves you baby.

-A Thinking Black Woman



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