Fat Bitch Books

So I received a copy of Things NO ONE will tell FAT girls by Jes Baker like three days ago from my internship at Fattitude. If you have ever doubted the awesomeness of self-help books, PLEASE pick this book up. It totally makes you ready to go to war with the superficial ideas of “pretty” in the world. It has an host of amazing chime ins by some super awesome body positive activists that really hypes you up for what you may consider a new truth. Another cool factor is the fact that Jes poses challenges throughout the book that ultimately have you thinking, “readingfuck it, why the fuck not.” Seriously, I totally love this book. I am definitely keeping this for my daughter when I am blessed to have one. I want her to know self love from the beginning and do not want her or anyone to miss out on life due to hiding. Another PLUS of this book and her site is the fact that it and she makes you aware of other authors like her and even shares information on the books she felt she had to read. My next goal is How to Be a Fat Bitch by Rachele Cateyes….bitch yes! Do you all not know who I am by now? I am THE KOCKY FAT BITCH. Did you not think I was going to get in on this book? I read a sample on the link and this beauty got me when she said this is for all the fat bitches out there. Yes ma’am, that’s me! Have you read either of these books? If so, tell me what you think! Give me some suggestions on some good body positive literature you’ve come across or have grown from. I love you big girl.



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