Fat Bitch Books

So I received a copy of Things NO ONE will tell FAT girls by Jes Baker like three days ago from my internship at Fattitude. If you have ever doubted the awesomeness of self-help books, PLEASE pick this book up. It totally makes you ready to go to war with the superficial ideas of “pretty” in the world. It has an host of amazing chime ins by some super awesome body positive activists that really hypes you up for what you may consider a new truth. Another cool factor is the fact that Jes poses challenges throughout the book that ultimately have you thinking, “readingfuck it, why the fuck not.” Seriously, I totally love this book. I am definitely keeping this for my daughter when I am blessed to have one. I want her to know self love from the beginning and do not want her or anyone to miss out on life due to hiding. Another PLUS of this book and her site is the fact that it and she makes you aware of other authors like her and even shares information on the books she felt she had to read. My next goal is How to Be a Fat Bitch by Rachele Cateyes….bitch yes! Do you all not know who I am by now? I am THE KOCKY FAT BITCH. Did you not think I was going to get in on this book? I read a sample on the link and this beauty got me when she said this is for all the fat bitches out there. Yes ma’am, that’s me! Have you read either of these books? If so, tell me what you think! Give me some suggestions on some good body positive literature you’ve come across or have grown from. I love you big girl.



Fat Punchline Workhouse

Monday thru Friday I work with a group of individuals who are for the most part kind and sweet people.  However they, like most groups of people, get in to water cooler conversations that result in one woman’s weight being the butt of a few of their jokes. My natural defenses when it comes to anyone verbally attacking the physical appearance of another person is to do the same to the attacker themselves. Like seriously, you’re judging her weight when you’re rocking the biggest doughnut up here?

Being that I have recently found my way into the Body Positive Movement I find myself taking up arms with anyone that society or a group of idiots may deem not acceptable to their standards. When the snide jokes come up about weight or this one lady in particular I’m there ready with a distinct frown on my face awaiting an explanation of what exactly appears to be funny about the situation. Of course when asked to explain themselves everyone gets lost and the joke is over. Of course this got me to thinking as to why grown individuals felt comfortable enough to make someone else work environment unfavorable for their entertainment. Although I’ve never seen her within earshot of their conversations, it’s the plight of the fat girl. Years of secret jokes, random snickers and side glances become so second nature that we accept it and keep it moving. So I’m sure she has caught a glance of this foolishness that myself am no stranger to as well.

I love my job and for the most part I love my work environment too. How could I possibly counter this adolescent behavior in working adults without becoming public enemy no. 1(which I totally would)? Perhaps I was too quiet in my #bodypositivity. I figured me just being is enough. I need to show my support for the plus beauties in my work place. Plain as day on my desk is a huge printout of the F attitude logo. I am by nature a very combatant person. The thought of confrontation excites me. Seriously. I live to make people eat their words especially when their crude and insensitive. “Oh I meant sloppy fat people, not you.” *Gag* Any FAT person you talk about IS me so fuck you. Any BLACK person you talk about IS me so fuck you. Any NATURAL person you talk about IS me so fuck you. Long story short, we are our brother’s keeper. I am not telling you to go “Red Wedding” on your co-workers but please do call them on their shit. I know I will. 🙂



Chubby Crossroads

Meet me there…

There’s this funny thing about crossroads; they always make you stop. You either stop out of pure fascination from it’s sudden existence in your path or in caution of sudden cross traffic that may knock the shit out of you and have you sitting on the side of the road confused. The same goes for body love and acceptance. Eventually you’re going to come to a crossroad that’s going to have you second guessing everything you’ve already been through and may even have you doubling back to see if you missed a turn somewhere. Then there’s of course the infamous story of meeting the devil at the crossroads to sell your soul for some amazing talent that is although amazing is short lived at best. This, however, is not about that.

This is about the chubby crossroads. You may have not heard about them or considered them but if you’re a big girl or guy you’ve crossed them plenty of times in your life. You’ve actually crossed them so much that they seem almost irrelevant. Crossroads are described as a point at which a crucial decision must be made that will have far-reaching consequences. Let me explain: chubby crossroads are those impasses in which we either choose to love what we see or hate it. You wouldn’t think it would be that crucial until you realize you’ve taught yourself to hate yourself due to the world around you. Each time you look in the mirror, get dressed, go out or venture into a situation of being seen; you’re at a chubby crossroad.

It’s like this; when you got dressed this morning or better yet when you woke up this morning and looked in the mirror did you love what you saw? Or did you start picking at “flaws” to fix? That small mental conversation with yourself started you down a road that is either going to build you up or break you down. Both roads will teach you a lesson, some harder than others.

Then you have the massive intersections, these are the ones you seen coming and you know you have a decision to make and in your mind you’re just absolutely sure which way you’re going to go when you get there. Yet when you pull up there’s roadwork, some sort of delay or obstruction in the path you just KNEW you were going to take. Sometimes there’s someone to direct you on an alternate route and sometimes it just you on your own having to figure shit out. The point is, when you come to these crossroads you don’t hop out your car and say fuck it, you keep it moving. No matter what life throws your way, KEEP MOVING. I came to my chubby crossroads after I joined the movement and started using my voice. I was here but now what? Was I supposed to shut up and go back to normal, stay on the same path or make my own road? Of course I’m KFB and 220 (2nd to none) so I had to go about finding my own way of doing things. One drop is never enough if you’ve never been thirsty. So my pretty fat girls own your life; don’t be afraid to be a bitch; take up as much space as you want because society won’t even offer you a seat!