Dating While Big;)

So this whole thing about accepting your body totally becomes non-existent if you can not accept the fact that someone else can accept your body. I’m talking about your current or potential lover. Being rubbed, hugged and caressed with your clothes on had always not equaled being rubbed, hugged and caressed on while naked. Some of the those smooth lines created by my jeans are a little more rigid in person. This was a major fear of mine. I’m a bisexual female and was comforted on one part of the scale when my brother told me that “with dudes, pussy is pussy no matter what it’s packaged in.” Okay. So no matter what someone is going to want my twat. Not exactly a vote of confidence but I give the bugger an “A” for effort. I was young and accepted this to substantial enough reassurance for my attraction to men. As I grew however, I refused to let men be wrapped up in the premise of being hungry little animals only looking for a meal. I also learned that while individuals have “types” that they prefer, that I didn’t have to be limited by their limitations and also that as a beautiful young woman had the same option. I eliminated those not emotionally or physically equipped to handle loving a big girl.

Every dating site I managed to be a part of I made sure in big bold letters you saw BBW clearly written on my page. It was my badge of honor and the more love and attention I got because of it only reassured me of the fact that everyone does indeed have a type and baby they love them some big girls. I found myself adding and following other big girls just to improve my craft. Cute hair styles and outfits that I had never thought to try I began to experiment with to test out on my admirers. Like mosquitos to fresh bathed skin, they soaked it up! It was all love until I had to tell them I wasn’t interested. How dare this fat bitch tell me she doesn’t want me? She’s lucky I’m even talking to her. “You’re fat anyway!” *Cue Laughter* I was fat when you first messaged me sir.

Why is it hard to believe that a plus size woman has options? Or that she is not desperate to jump any available dick out there? Is it really that offensive for you to be turned down by a beautiful big girl? I guess it doesn’t feel nice now that we’ve found ourselves and the tables have turned.

CAUTION!!!: Some links contain #FatHate language.